Alternative Hair

Alternative Hair

Many modern enhancements can be used very successfully and discreetly to create a total look that is uniquely yours.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are perfect when length and density are needed on the sides and back only. The most important characteristic to consider is the hair quality. Our systems use the finest hair in the world.

Great Lengths

Great Lengths is the worlds leading hair extension company that provides premium quality, 100% ethical and 100% traceable hair sourced from India.

  • Strand by strand 

This method uses the smallest bond available which allows them to be  less visible. Between the excellent quality of hair and the unique structure  of the bond make Great Lengths extremely versatile and exceptionally  safe. 

  • GLTape Systems 

Uses Great Lengths highest quality hair with one of the smallest tape  attachment sizes available making it extremely versatile and discreet.

  • Clip-ins 

Perfect for achieving length without commitment. Transform your look at  home in minutes.


Hairdreams quality and innovation. Features the highest grade hair in two  qualities, 5 star hair and 7 star hair, ethically sourced. All hand selected  one hair at a time. 

  • Strand by Strand  

The revolutionary Laserbeamer Nano, the worlds only fully automatic  strand by strand fusion application. The least application time of any other  system. Crystal polymer bond ensures safe removal. 

  • Secrets – Invisible Tape Extensions

Hairdreams quality of hair. Proprietary 3D imprint manufacturing makes the  hair look like it is growing out of the scalp. unique push up effect for  volume. 

Hair Integration and Toppers

Hair integration systems Durable, lightweight, reusable, permanent and clip-in attachments. These hair thickening systems provide optimal solutions for fine hair to serious hair loss. We supplement your hair with high grade, hand selected, 100% real human hair.

  • Hairdreams MICROLINES System 

Provides more volume for fine and thinning hair. The MICROLINES System includes various hair thickening methods and provides optimal solutions for any individual case, ranging from normal/fine hair all the way to thinning hair. The Hairdreams Microlines System offers solutions to give women with fine, thinning hair or hair loss their natural hair volume back.

Cesare Ragazzi

The creator of the CNC and the CNCXT, there truly is nothing that measures up to the quality and the Italian craftsmanship of these hair prosthesis for men, women and children These systems are customized solutions, created to fit over the scalp like a contact lens, with virgin, unprocessed hair. this one of a kind system allows the wearer to enjoy all activities without limitation or worry about their hair, even sports and swimming.

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