Cesare Ragazzi

Cesare Ragazzi

An established leader in the field of scientific research into hair and scalp disorders, and the development of effective treatments. Offering the best in hair and scalp care at Cindy French Hair Solutions.

The Clinic

Our private rooms are calm and sensitive environments creating a safe space to discuss treatment plans and goals. Our rooms are equipped with the latest in non-surgical hair enhancement technologies.

The Consultation Process

We will first examine the scalp and assess the follicle and scalp health using Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories unique patented Tricotest. This will provide a detailed map of problem areas. A certified Trichologist will then consider your diet, lifestyle, hereditary conditions and medical history including burns, trauma, and chemotherapy. Based upon Tricotest results we will explain in detail what to expect.

Treatment Options - Products

The CRLab treatments have been developed by some of the world’s leading hair loss experts. The CRLab products have been produced using advanced pharmaceutical-grade inhibitors design to tackle 5-alpha reductase: the enzyme responsible for triggering hair-loss inducing DHT.

All products have been dermatologically tested and made following GMP indication.

Tricotech Treatments

Tricotech is used in our treatment to activate circulation in the scalp, thereby promoting healthy hair growth. Includes ozone and warm mist therapy, lymphatic drainage and LLLT therapy to activate circulation, increase blood flow and microcirculation to restore normal functions of the scalp and hair bulb.

CNC System

This is the finest and most advanced of hair systems. Just as each face is unique each scalp and hairline is unique. We literally create a second scalp to match your own including skin color, hair color, texture and density.

This partial or full hair replacement system restores your beautiful hair – seamlessly. Soon after your treatment you can return to a full, active life including swimming and high impact sports. Your care will continue under our guidance.