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Put Your Best Face Forward

The simple answer: to take care of our skin. But there’s really much more to it. The importance of taking care of your skin can actually be compared to taking care of your teeth. We brush our teeth everyday, hoping that our daily routine will be enough to keep our teeth clean and cavity-free, while still knowing that we’ll have to go to the dentist every so often to get a deep cleaning. By brushing our teeth, we’re really just maintaining the deep clean we got at the dentist until it’s time for our next appointment. While we can preserve that cleanliness for awhile on our own, we...

Ammonia: Friend or Foe?

Ammonia: most of us have heard of it, but how many of us actually know what ammonia is and how it works? In the beauty world, there are varying opinions on whether ammonia is good or bad, safe or harmful. To dig deeper into this debate, let’s first break down what ammonia actually is. Ammonia, or an ammonia substitute, is an almost all-permanent hair color. When there is ammonia in the color, the outermost layer of your hair, also known as the cuticle of the hair, opens extremely wide, allowing the color to penetrate deeply. The result is rich, saturated hair color that has a softening effect. However,...

Itching Scalp After Coloring

Last week, one of my clients came into my Aventura hair salon for in for organic hair color. I had only seen her once before so I didn’t have a pattern of her visits. I remember her, during our consultation she informed me that she is a breast cancer survivor and it was just a few years ago. When a cancer survivor comes in for hair color and other services I like to take the time to explain why we have 13 different hair color lines and how we actually prescribe the type of hair color that will be the safest for their health requirements, their sensitivity...

Organic Treatments For Thinning Hair

An exciting new, organic treatment for thinning hair has recently come on the scene. Instead of looking to the drug companies to solve all of our problems in a pill, we are finding natural solutions have great results and promote long term heath and beauty. Science behind these natural remedies is Plant Science which is responsible for these high performance natural products. We no longer need chemicals to see definite improvements. To understand how it works it’s important to know why hair gets thin. Most people fall into one of three categories for thinning hair. The first is due to a shortened life cycle of each hair. Each...