What is Trichology?

What is Trichology?

Trichology is thought of as the “bridge between cosmetology and dermatology.” It is the para-medical science of the hair, hair loss and associated scalp problems. It encompasses the study of the diseases of the human hair and scalp, as well as the assessment of the cause(s) and treatment of these disorders. A trichologist is a hair and scalp specialist who is trained in life sciences.

Reasons to see a trichologist?

As a woman, hair loss is concerning whether it is seeing more hair shed while shampooing, seeing diminished hair density, or dramatic hair loss. We look at scalp and hair loss problems in a holistic way by evaluating clients on the basis of personal history, lifestyle, genetic factors, environmental and other conditions.

Scalp Health

In order to take care of the hair you must first take care of the scalp. The hair is similar to a plant and the scalp is the hair’s”soil”. To take care of a plant it requires water, food and sometimes fertilizer and to maintain balanced rich soil. The hair is the same. We measure the levels of sebum, hydration and the pH, etc to determine the protocol to balance the scalp and to quantify the progress of the treatments. The goal is to promote and optimize hair growth.

Shedding Hair

Shedding hair is a normal part of life but excessive shedding can be alarming and concerning. There can be many reasons for this and we can help guide you to the best solutions.

Thinning and Hair Loss

Do everything possible to keep your bio hair! It’s easier to keep your hair than to get it back. Thinning hair can present in unexpected ways such as a split in the back of the hair, a lack of volume in the part to changes in the hair line. Hair loss can also take on several forms from the various types of alopecia to trichotillomania to chemotherapy and radiation. We can help guide you to the best treatment plans and hair solutions.

Hair Texture Changes

Hair texture changes can take on may forms, the most common is heat styling damage and chemical damage. Other causes can be certain nutrient deficiency, hormone imbalances. and aging.


Our extensive line up of treatments are divided into two groups scalp treatments and treatments for the mid lengths and ends. These two areas must be treated separately as the requirements are completely different but both are important. Let us design and implement a treatment plan the works with your needs, lifestyle, scalp and hair goals.