Signature Hair Treatment

Salon Services

You may have an exact vision of the hairdo you want, or you may need some assistance evaluating which style suits you best. In any case, we are here to help you discover your best look. By collaborating with our stylists directly, you will benefit from personalized advice about beauty trends that will match your features and personality.

Organic Hair Treatments

Aqua Boost Treatment

$ 25

Softens the hairs inner protein, allowing it to have the natural stretch it needs - An intense moisturizing treatment formulated from a range of organic ingredients, aloe vera extract, wheat protein, black oat extract, vitamin B5, lecithin and natural sunflower seed extract to nourish the hair leaving it soft and smooth.

Powerbuild Complete Strengthening Treatment

$ 50

Organic unique 2 step system that restores even extremely damaged and weakened hair.

Powerbuild Revamp

$ 25

A highly concentrated treatment that restores chemically weak and damaged hair giving the hair strength, protection and volume. Even improves color retention.

Powerbuild Treatment

$ 25

Repairs and strengthens the hair using certified organic natural sunflower seed extract natural extracts of lemon apple and green tea along with wheat protein and vitamin B5 to add strength and volume to the hair while reducing split ends.

Vitamin C Detox Treatment

$ 30-45

Bio-Identical Vitamin C Complex Hair and Scalp Treatment used to remove all types of build up including hard water, product buildup and chlorine.

Bio Dynamic Shine Treatment

$ 40

Protective milk made of biodynamic hibiscus, perilla and organic cotton protein blended for protection and shine.

Organic Biodynamic Rebuilding Treatment

$ 150

Age and wear and tear on the hair creates something the is different from damage, it is depleted hair. Hair that is depleted loses its shine, looks dull and frizzy, and loses its natural bounce and pliability. This one of a kind customized treatment replenishes all the requirements of healthy hair, including shine, hydration, structure, strength, elasticity, and remineralization. Not only is the hair fortified, the cuticle is repaired and becomes more resistant to stressors.

Phyto Treatments

Phyto Express Conditioning Treatment

$ 25

Botanically based revitalizing Mask to moisturize, repair and/or strengthen the hair.

Hair Detox

$ 25

Starts with dry exfoliation of the scalp, followed by a natural scalp balancing treatment finishing with a detoxifying cleanse. Scalp stimulating pre-shampoo treatment as the perfect remedy for those suffering from an unbalanced scalp this unique 100% botanical blend is highly concentrated in over 4 pounds of fresh plants. A synergy of purifying essential oil’s and corn germ oil stimulates the scalp microcirculation to awaken and energize the hair.

Huile D’ Ales Treatment

$ 40

Intense hydrating oil treatment. Huile de ales treatment 25 unique combination essential oils and carrier oil that intensely hydrates softens and restores radiance to dull dry hair. This original formula is a unique blend of essential oils and castor oil that intensely hydrates, softens and restores radiance to dull, and dry hair.

Phyto Elixir

$ 40

A subtle blend of powerful beautifying oils this unique elixir restores hair for unsurpassed shine and suppleness rich in vitamins A and E and minerals, ultra nourishing egg yolk oil is combined with corn germ oil and karanja oils for long-lasting protection from external aggressors while restoring the hair fiber. Selected for its highest essential fatty acid content Camillia oil intensely hydrates and softens resulting in healthier silkier hair.

Baobab Treatment

$ 40

Extracted from the sacred tree, Baobab oil and combination of 8 ancient oils offers their anti dryness and ultra softening properties to even the most dehydrated hair and scalp. It will rehydrate, fortify, revitalize and nourish all hair types especially textured.

Phyto Remedy

$ 65

5 step- botanically based formula customized for hydration, strength, hair loss etc. begins with exfoliating brushing which removes the impurities and product buildup on the surface of the scalp it also stimulates the microcirculation to boost the transport of oxygen and nutrients into the hair follicles. A universal scalp elixir is applied to purify and stimulate the scalp. Essential Oils provide a cooling sensation allowing you to relax and unwind. Massaging stimulates the deeper tissues of the scalp were sebaceous glands reside when activated the sebaceous glands produce a balanced amount of natural oils for lustrous hair. Next, oil treatment intense hydrating or intense nutrition delivers deep hydration restorative nutrition and increased luster the hair is prepared a prescriptive mask is applied customized to the hairs needs further nourishing the hair - to end a final serum is applied to the scalp and a beautifying treatment applied to the mid lengths and ends concluding this treatment.

Signature treatments include thirst quencher for dry or dehydrated hair, Rescue remedy for seriously damaged distressed hair, Density therapy for fine thinning or aging hair and get down to the route for all scalp conditions,

Milbon Treatments

Milbon Treatment

$ 100

This 5 step treatments provides instant hair transformation, reconditioning both the inner and outer layers of the hair. It’s like Spanx for hair. Lasts 5 weeks with take home treatment boosters. Repair and moisture formula.

Device Based Treatments

High frequency Hair Growth Stimulating Treatment

$ 25

High Frequency treatments - application of low level electrical current to the scalp which naturally revitalizes dormant hair follicles by increasing blood circulation and encouraging cellular turnover. Purifying oxygen molecules are delivered to the skin via a special glass electrode to help to exfoliate the area, open up the pores, eliminate harmful toxins and allow applied scalp treatment topicals to penetrate much deeper below the surface of the skin this push action helps to greatly maximize the effectiveness of one’s hair growth treatment products.


$ 80

A thorough examination both manual and with a microscope including hair and scalp diagnosis.