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The Secret to Shiny Hair

Almost everyone is familiar with low-poo shampoos, no poo shampooing and conditioning shampoos. What many people don’t know is often, those types of treatments aren’t doing anything for your hair except coating it. Especially, if you use a conditioner prior to shampooing, it simply gives a little bit of moisture. What most do not understand is that the the main function of the conditioner is to actually close down the cuticle so it has a very low pH. It is designed to be your last treatment, and to close the cuticle tight, then rinse and use a shampoo generally in a higher pH so you open that....

Blow Dry with a Haircut – Don’t Leave Without It!

It’s true that there are a lot of things that need to be considered when clients come into the salon seeking a new haircut or style. And while the cutting of the hair itself might feel like the main event, there are a lot of considerations needed to make sure you get the best cut for you. To better understand why a blow dry is so important, it’s important to understand the timeline of a haircut appointment. Before the haircut itself, I perform a client consultation. During client consultations we decide which haircut we are going to do, I carefully survey the client’s hair and evaluate whether this...

Split Ends – Causes and Treatments

Could your last haircut be giving you split ends? The answer is yes…especially if you are the one cutting your own hair. I can remember, before I started doing hair professionally, being fascinated…maybe even obsessed with split ends. I would sit at my desk when I was supposed to be doing my home work, getting lost in a section of hair. I would hold the strand of hair carefully fanning it out between my fingers to expose as many hairs as possible. What would I find? A single split, double split, or multiple splits? On the multiple splits, which were too exciting for words, I would curl the...

Organic Treatments For Thinning Hair

An exciting new, organic treatment for thinning hair has recently come on the scene. Instead of looking to the drug companies to solve all of our problems in a pill, we are finding natural solutions have great results and promote long term heath and beauty. Science behind these natural remedies is Plant Science which is responsible for these high performance natural products. We no longer need chemicals to see definite improvements. To understand how it works it’s important to know why hair gets thin. Most people fall into one of three categories for thinning hair. The first is due to a shortened life cycle of each hair. Each...