Put Your Best Face Forward

The simple answer: to take care of our skin. But there’s really much more to it. The importance of taking care of your skin can actually be compared to taking care of your teeth. We brush our teeth everyday, hoping that our daily routine will be enough to keep our teeth clean and cavity-free, while still knowing that we’ll have to go to the dentist every so often to get a deep cleaning.

By brushing our teeth, we’re really just maintaining the deep clean we got at the dentist until it’s time for our next appointment. While we can preserve that cleanliness for awhile on our own, we can’t do it permanently. The same goes for our skin.

Think of coming in for a monthly facial as the equivalent of visiting the dentist for a deep cleaning. At Zen Zen, our facials include a skincare analysis, specialized product recommendations, deep pore cleaning, exfoliating, and, ultimately, replacing moisture that’s been lost overtime. When you try new skincare products, it’s important to start off with a professional facial before you switch to your home care so you can get the best possible results.

Consider this: if you’ve ever had any specialty services performed at the dentist, such as teeth whitening, they’ll always recommend a professional cleaning prior to the service to ensure you’ll achieve the finest outcome. That’s exactly what we recommend for skin care.

After getting a facial at Zen Zen, your esthetician will recommend products based on your specific skincare needs. Following the salon facial, you can go home for the next four weeks and maintain the professional results on your own until your next appointment.

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