The Appeal of A Peel

When people think of a peel, they often think of a chemical solution that mimics a sunburn when applied to the face. Thankfully, that is not the kind of peel we love or specialize in at Zen Zen. The first thing we tell clients about our peels is that they will experience “no down time.”  This means that clients won’t have to hide their faces from the sun, and will be able to apply makeup normally after the peel.

Our signature peels are composed of ingredients like fruit acids, vegetables, and essential oils that gently and effectively exfoliate the surface of the skin. These peels are ideal for clients who want a relaxing facial with results such as pore tightening and smooth skin.

If it’s a deeper clean you’re looking for, we have enzyme peels that are used in specific combinations to penetrate further into the skin and promote the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that benefit your skin’s health. Some of our peels even stop the body’s process that cause glycation, a bonding of excess sugar that causes skin aging, like melasma, age spots and freckles.

I had my first active peel experience with Paola, our Esthetician. As a salon owner, I want to participate in every service we offer, so it was important for me to learn about and try our peels. Knowing I have very sensitive skin, I sat with Paola and went through all the necessary steps to decide on my peel combination. Eventually, Paola and I decided I should try our most aggressive peel, which is known as our Triple 20%.

At first, the peel was warm, and then it started getting hotter and hotter.  Truthfully, as I had never experienced this before, I was slightly concerned that my face felt so hot. I remember thinking, ‘Am I burned? How long is this going to take to heal?’ When I got up from my facial and looked in the mirror, I expected to see red, irritated skin. Instead, much to my surprise, I saw my skin looking like it did many years ago: soft and creamy with a hint of a rosy glow. I gasped. How was this possible when moments before I felt like I was in an inferno?

Well, before Paola neutralized me, she said I was beet red – literally! But then she put the fire out with the most amazing solution and continued on with my facial, leaving me with the results I craved, and absolutely no irritation. If you’re wondering where all that heat and redness came from in the first place, let me explain. During a peel, blood rushes to the surface of the skin, detoxifying and infusing it with oxygen, while simultaneously preparing it to receive the serum deep into the layers of the skin. 

I loved my peel so much, that I eagerly asked Paola when I could have my next one. She told me that, in the beginning of the peel process, I can do it once a week, but will eventually have to switch to having a peel only once every four to six weeks. Having a peel was an awesome experience that I would recommend to any client!

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